Three wonderful workshops are being offered as part of this free conference, all focused on strengthening the family in these categories:

1.  Brent Taylor – Hiz and Herz Greatest Need: Marriage workshop


Hi. I’m Brent Taylor.

If your relationship is in a tough spot, trust me – I’ve been there.

I was 18 and about to live happily ever after with my girlfriend (soon to be bride). We tied the knot, bought our first home, and started a family.

But as our family grew, we grew apart. I felt rejected and turned to selfish habits. I raised $20 million and started a new manufacturing company as my wife and I careened towards a split.

I was looking for love in a circle of fear, not caring about anyone but myself – but wanting to be loved.

And I lost it all. My family, my business, and most importantly, my belief in who I was.

The damage I caused to my wife, my children, and my career was more than I could have ever imagined. I wondered how long the pain would go on. Then, full speed ahead, came a second marriage… and it turned out to be even more damaging.

It took 30 years, three children, two marriages, and losing everything. But, I finally cracked the mystery. I discovered the single greatest reason why marriages break down – but better yet, how to build it up again.

You have been given the capacity to love with whatever it takes! The rewards are so worthwhile, and everlasting.

My hope is to give you the insight I didn’t have. If we look for a way out instead of a way through, our love for our spouse stagnates.

Whether it’s through Hiz & Herz Connect Classes or a personalized coaching program, I help get to the heart of the matter. Heal the hurts of your past, renew thinking and behaviour patterns, and live the love you have hoped for.

2. Fight The New Drug – Pornography 


Fight the New Drug exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts. – Find out more at:

3. Drug Proofing Your Kids


You will be able to attend two of the workshops listed above – please select which workshop class you are interested in attending when you fill out the registration form.